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How do I save my progress?

  • Progress is saved automatically after every level.
  • With level creation, any levels you create are saved locally to your device until you share them.

Can I change the language?

  • WonderWorlds uses your device’s default language settings to determine what language is used in the game.

How to customize my avatar?

  • Tap the satchel in game / followed by the T-shirt icon to access player customisation

How can I save my game?

  • Your game is synced online, so that you can use multiple devices to play WonderWorlds.

My game doesn’t load. What can I do?

  • Players using v1.04 and v1.05 sometimes had issues logging into the game. v1.06 should resolve these issues. If for some reason you still can’t access the game get in touch with  with your Game Center user ID and we’ll investigate.



How to control the character?

  • The screen is effectively split in two, designed so that users hold their devices with two hands (like holding a game console controller). Use your left thumb to control movement and the right to control the camera and press the ACTION button.

What kind of movements does the avatar have?

  • Imi can tip-toe / walk / run depends on how far you push the virtual joystick
  • Use the action button to JUMP and INTERACT with objects.
  • When carrying an object Imi can also THROW objects by holding the ACTION button down.
  • Imi can also climb some surface, simply walk into them to start traversing. Use the ACTION button if you want to let go,

How can I visit another world?

  • Browse through the WonderClub filters to find levels or use the Search Bar if you’re looking for a particular user or level name. You can also share your levels through iMessage, the received can then use that as a direct portal to your creation. We’ll be adding lots of new ways to share your content soon and improved filters for finding the best levels the community have made!

How can I collect FLUFF? and for what?

  • Fluff is just fluff! It’s really just an extra challenge for players who want to see all that a level has to offer. It’s also very useful for creators so that they can highlight an area that isn’t accessible to let player’s know that they can get there.

What does the little star in the corner of each level’s picture mean?

  • These are the number of times that another player has favourited (or Liked!) your level. You can ‘Like’ peoples levels by opening your satchel and tapping on the star icon. Stars will appear for other players as they run around.

How many levels can I play without purchase Wonderbundle?

  • Players can play 4 levels from the single player campaign, but can then experience the levels created by the WonderClub community. You also have unlimited access to the create tools and have a go at building your own story or adventure.

How to decorate the home if I am in level 1 but it need level2?

  • There a rare issue that could occur on an early version of WonderWorlds that meant that a few players didn’t get the required XP for completing levels 1 and 2. Make sure you are on the latest version of the game (v1.07 at time of writing) and you’ll find that the decoration option is now available in your satchel.



How many lives do I have?

  • Players start every game with 3 hearts and 3 continues. If you lose all your hearts, you’ll get the opportunity to jump straight back in again (if the creator added checkpoints to their levels). If you use up all 3 of your continues you’ll have to restart the level from the beginning.



What I have to do with them?

  • Enemies (or Bozos!) are there to add additional challenge into a level. It’s up to the creators as to what you do with them. In the single player campaign they are mostly there to get in your way but we’ve seen some inventive uses for them in the WonderClub. Some levels require you pick up enemies and use them to solve many fiendish puzzles.
  • Enemies can be defeated by picking them up (if they are carryable and dizzy) and throwing them at each other OR throw them off the edge of a level. If a level has other objects to pick up, you can usually throw those at enemies to cause additional damage.



What is it?

  • The WonderBundle unlocks the single player campaign and ALL the content we used to create it, so you can build your own stories and adventures. It also includes loads of costumes to customise your Imi. It also removes the cap for playing UGC levels and sharing your own creations.

Do I need to pay?

  • You don’t! Once you’ve reached the level 4 in the single player campaign, you can keep playing the UGC levels shared by other players. But there is a limit to the number you can play each day.

How can I get it?

  • You can access the WonderBundle from the in-game shop. Once this is unlocked, there is also a button prompt in the map screen area that you can use as a shortcut. This disappears once you have the bundle.

How can I create a level?

  • Go to the ‘me’ area of the game and tap ‘NEW’ this will open up the creation tools where you can create your own adventure.

How can I upload a picture in the game?

  • If you have a picture object available, once you’ve placed it in the world, select it, tap on its tweak menu (cog icon) and you’ll see two icons one to use your device’s camera and another to access your photo library. You’ll need to make sure that you allow the game to access your device’s camera and library.



  • I bought the bundle but when I check my purchases it says pending.
  • I bought the bundle but the levels are still locked



Which devices are compatible with WonderWorlds?

  • Any device that is METAL enabled can play WonderWorlds.

Can you make this app compatible with the iPhone 5?

  • Unfortunately the iPhone 5 isn’t METAL enabled so we won’t be able to get it playable on these devices.




Gamecentre doesn’t work. What can I do?

  • WonderWorlds doesn’t require a GameCenter account so you can always play without one. However, having a GameCenter account means your progress and shared creations are preserved and you can share that account across other iOS devices.
  • Some users have encountered issues when using GameCenter when logging in to WonderWorlds. The most common issue we’ve found, is that often users have changed their iCloud/iTunes password but for some reason this hasn’t updated properly with GameCenter. The usual fix is to sign out of GameCenter (in iOS settings) and log back in again.

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